Railway sleepers

This release agent ensures quick and easy removal of your railway sleepers from the moulds. It is easy to apply and adhcustomer quote sleeperseres exceptionally good to vertical surfaces, resulting in a dramatic reduction of release agent pooling in the mould.


Product benefits

  • Contains a highly effective award winning anti-corrosive formula
  • Helps removal of air resulting in fewer surface voids
  • Suitable for all types of moulds
  • Strong adhesion to both vertical and horizontal surfaces
  • No more wiping after application necessary
  • No chemical specific handling and storage necessary
  • No chemical specific work gear necessary
  • Non-irritant to skin
  • Environmental friendly


Product characteristics

  • Ready-to-use emulsion
  • Solvent free
  • Nearly odourless
  • Readily biodegradable (OECD-301-B)
  • Non-flammable


Further improve the quality of your concrete and working conditions
by also using our mixer protector. Specifically developed so it will not
damage the surface quality of your railway sleepers.


railwaysleepers before railwaysleepers after